Field huts have been established over a number of years in various areas within the Vestfold Hills for scientific purposes. Waste from all huts (including human waste) is returned to Davis for disposal. The huts are also used recreationally where such use does not compromise the objectives of scientific programmes.

  • Brookes Hut, at the eastern end of Shirokaya Bay, is used as a depot for seal and lake research.
  • Platcha, at the far eastern end of Long Fjord, consists of 2 huts, the newest of which was constructed in 1982. It is used for access to the plateau.
  • Bandits Hut was established in 1983 on the north-west side of Tryne Fjord to support seal research. This hut is the furthest away from Davis (around 26 km to the NE) and can only be accessed via sea-ice or by helicopter.
  • Magnetic Island Hut is a removable ‘Melon’ hut placed on the Island to support a long term monitoring program on Adélie penguins. The hut is closed for use during the Adélie penguin breeding season.
  • Trajer Ridge melon hut supports field training sessions and parties proceeding to the plateau.
  • Watts Lake Hut at the eastern end of Ellis Fjord, supports biological programmes in the fjord and nearby lakes.
  • Crooked Lake apple hut near the crossing from Druzhby Lake.
  • Rookery apple hut at 812,995 on 1:50,000 Vestfold Hills map.

Temporary huts also exist just outside the Marine Plain ASPA and Hop and Filla Islands in the Rauer Islands in support of specific scientific projects. There is a tent depot at Boulder Hill, near the eastern end of Crooked Lake.