Supporting expeditioners

The Expeditioner Liaison and Training Unit provides information for family and friends, particularly those people an expeditioner has nominated as their contacts, to assist them to prepare for and cope with separation while expeditioners are in Antarctica. Each expeditioner provides details of one primary contact and up to two secondary contacts.

You can contact a member of the Expeditioner Liaison and Training Unit directly via the contact form or by free call on 1800 030 680. Training and Liaison Unit members are happy to listen and to provide supportive contact to enable access to appropriate options and resources.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Counseling and support is available through the Employee Assistance Program during training and deployment, and up to six months after return. Counseling is available for immediate family members as well as for expeditioners themselves. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Supporting family and friends

Your family and friends will have many questions about your journey to Antarctica, particularly about maintaining contact with you while you are away. Our Family and Friends section has information ranging from Antarctic reading lists and joining the Antarctic Family and Friends Association, to sending packages and gifts to expeditioners at the stations.


Antarctic separation is unique in that return to Australia is not possible for an extended period. This separation brochure PDF provides information for expeditioners as they prepare to live away from their loved ones and for their family and friends remaining at home.

There are a number of practical issues and possibilities that need to be considered, discussed and prepared for and we strongly encourage you and your family to read this brochure.


The ANARE Club is a way for expeditioners to keep in touch with each other and promote interest in Antarctica.