The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship aims to nurture the production of excellent and significant works of art and interpretation by professionals in the creative arts, humanities and social sciences.

Please note: there is a separate Media Program. All media should apply through this program, rather than the Arts Fellowship.

What does the Fellowship provide?

The Fellowship takes the form of either a ship voyage or flight to Antarctica, Macquarie Island, or Southern Ocean and associated logistical support, ie food, accommodation, transport and cold-weather clothing on loan.

When does travel take place?

If successful, you will travel between October and April. We will negotiate a travel schedule with you that is logistically feasible and which provides the best chance of achieving your proposed project aims. This may involve travel to Antarctica and/or the sub-Antarctic of a few days to a few months.

How are applications assessed?

Expressions of interest are assessed by a panel of independent experts in relevant fields. From these, a shortlist of applicants are invited to submit a full application which is assessed by a second panel of independent experts. Recommendations are then made to the Head of the Australian Antarctic Division.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

You can expect to hear whether your expression of interest has been shortlisted or not in April. The results of the second stage of the application process for those who have been shortlisted can be expected in July.

Due to the large number of expressions of interest received we are unable to provide individual feedback to applicants.

Support for applications is subject to availability of operational support including beds on voyages, seats on flights and space and logistical support available on stations. This process may take a considerable time because of the multiplicity of demands placed on operational support.

Do I have to be an Australian citizen?

Some applications may be accepted from citizens of other Antarctic Treaty nations. These applicants must have the support of their own nation’s Antarctic program, and must be able to demonstrate a capacity to reach a significant audience, preferably including a significant Australian audience.

Medical considerations

Arts Fellows are subject to a stringent medical examination (the cost of which is the responsibility of the applicant). Some medical conditions may preclude travel to Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic and Southern Ocean.

Please ensure you have read and understood the medical checklist [PDF] you will be required to complete should you be offered a Fellowship, but please do not submit it.

Conditions apply

Arts Fellows are subject to the Antarctic Service Code of Personal Behaviour, and other responsibilities of all Antarctic expeditioners. Successful applicants will be required to undergo a National Police History Check. The successful applicant must also address any environmental impact assessment and permit requirements and attend all specified pre-departure briefings and training sessions.

You will be responsible for all travel and other costs in getting to and from the port of departure including flights, accommodation, medical screening, etc.

Arts Fellows are eligible for financial support of up to $5000 to cover these expenses. The funding is provided by ANAT and is managed directly between ANAT and the Arts Fellow.

You will be required to provide your own equipment and personal clothing, although specialised Antarctic clothing will be provided by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).

In general the AAD seeks to provide Arts Fellows freedom in their work, however, if successful, you must agree in writing to contractual obligations before embarking for Antarctica and regarding the completion of your project.

Every effort will be made to provide all necessary support to Arts Fellows, however, each voyage and flight is undertaken on the basis that its primary purpose is to support Antarctic research programs, and that support for Arts Fellows may be limited by the operational requirements of these programs.

Further information

For further information, please use the feedback form, or phone +61 3 6232 3512.