Land transport photo gallery

Ground transport

Beautiful colours of sunset reflecting off sea ice, plateau ice and hagglund at the same time
Photo: Pete Hargreaves
Yellow and Blue Hägglunds approaching Colbeck Hut
Photo: Gary Dowse
Quads on sea ice
Photo: Richard Youd
Pioneer and smaller tracked vehicle (Hägglunds) parked on the ice near Rumdoodle peak.
Photo: Ian Petty

Station support & resupply vehicles

Shipping container is lowered on to the ground by crane.
IT62H loader
Photo: Eddie Dawson
Unloading cargo from the ship fast in the ice to a waiting truck
Photo: Bill DeB

Plant & machinery used for maintenance & building

An excavator clears snow in foreground with a large green building in background
Photo: Rowdy
An expeditioner standing next to the Challenger tractor, on the Antarctic tundra
Photo: Shane Kern
A truck which is largely buried under snow at Mawson station.
Photo: Peter Lecompte
A crane at Mawson lifts a shipping container from the barge during the over water resupply.
Photo: Noel Tennant

Plant & machinery used for aviation support

Casey ski landing area at dusk with a large tracked vehicle to the right
Photo: Gordon Tait
Quadtracs parked at the skiway for the evening
Photo: Steve McInnerney
Machinery clearing runway at dusk with snow being projected out like a fountain.
Photo: Will V
Large tracked vehicle clears snow on runway
Photo: Micky Loedeman
A large proof roller flattens the icy runway
Photo: Micky Loedeman

Field support vehicles

Challenger and Hägglunds vehicles parked in the moonlight underneath a wide sky of stars
Photo: Shane Kern
Two vehicles park in the snow with men emerging from each vehicle
Photo: D. McVeigh
Mawson station Hagglund heading off in the morning twilight
Photo: Glenn Browning

Hägglunds tracked vehicles

Expeditioner driving a hagglund, photo taken from inside the hagg
Photo: David Correll
Blue and yellow Hägglunds tracked vehicles on the ice
Photo: Gary Dowse
Mawson Station Expeditioner undertaking driving training in the new Green Hagglund
Photo: Glenn Browning
A green Hägglunds travelling through some terrain
Photo: Steve McDonald

Nodwell & Foremost Pioneer tracked vehicles

Orange vehicle with a cab for passengers and tracks.
Photo: G. Creighton
Poles being removed with the North Masson Ranges in the background
Photo: John Leben
Mawson station Pioneer tracked vehicle
Photo: Lee Sice

Quad bikes

Expeditioner riding quad facing camera
Photo: Stu Shaw
An expeditioner sitting on a quad bike during training
Photo: Gordon Tait
A riderless quad bike stands in some rather icy conditions
Photo: Mike Hyde


Reed Burgette riding the snowmobile equipped with GPS for surveying.
Photo: Jack Beardsley


Teamwork with sleds
Photo: Shane Mitchell
Equipment containers on sled
Photo: Nick O.

John Deere tractor (Macquarie Is only)

Expeditioner in blue jacket and orange hard hat driving green tractor on rocky beach whilst another expeditioner in black and orange suit and yellow helmet looks on
Photo: Rich Youd
Launching a Zodiac IRB by tractor
Photo: Ivor Harris

Fuel management

Three men in yellow gear hold pumps to refuel a quad bike
Photo: M. Benavente
Expeditioners refuelling at Law Dome
Photo: Jamie Lowe