Personal effects

Your personal effects are probably some of the most important cargo that we will transport to Antarctica.  Following  the packing guidelines below will help us to ensure that your gear is transported safely and efficiently.

  1. Clearly mark your boxes with your name, where they are going, a contact number, voyage and the quantity that you are sending eg 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3.
  2. Use sturdy cartons or strong plastic bins; some of the cheaper plastic bins are prone to shatter after exposure to cold or sunlight and your personnel effects may be suffer damage.
  3. Do not recycle fruit boxes.  Even though these are sturdy cardboard the corrugations can house invertebrates, eggs, plant material and soil. Use of these boxes a violates our quarantine controls, which have been implemented to protect the Antarctic/subantarctic environment.
  4. Mark on your boxes if they contain fragile items, also place orientation labels on the boxes if they need to be transported in a particular orientation.
  5. When packing cartons please do not exceed 20kg per box for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) reasons.  It is much easier to handle two boxes that weigh 20kg each than to move one box that weighs 40kg. It is not advisable to pack all of your personnel effects in one trunk as this can cause problems on station for handling and storage.
  6. If there are any dangerous/hazardous items in your personnel effects then they must be marked clearly on the outside of the box.  Some of the typical dangerous goods that are sent as personnel effects are aerosols, hydrogen peroxide (for bleaching hair), glue and model fuel. There are legislative penalties for the false declaration of dangerous goods.  If you are unsure if something is dangerous please contact us. 
  7. Please complete an eCon for your personnel effects before you send them to us, as this will allow us to pack them as soon as they arrive at the cargo facility.  We do not require itemised contents for personal effects to ship them to Antarctica. 
  8. When returning your personal effects to Australia you should provide an itemised list with your customs declaration form (B534).  This should provide an idea of what each box/carton/bag etc contains.  Failure to include this detail may delay the clearing of your personal effects by Customs on your return home.