1. AAPAEC meetings are held annually in July to early August.
  2. A completed new application form must be emailed to aec@aad.gov.au no later than six weeks prior to the AAPAEC meeting.
  3. The chief investigator will receive an email from the AAPAEC Executive Officer to confirm receipt.
  4. The application will be placed on the agenda for the AAPAEC meeting.
  5. Following the AAPAEC meeting, the chief investigator will be advised of the outcome and, if approved, provided with a statement detailing the approved procedures, animal usage and personnel, including any conditions set by the AAPAEC.
  6. All procedures, animal usage, locations and personnel approved by the AAPAEC will span the entire period of project approval.
  7. Proposed variations to approvals received within a season will require further approval by the AAPAEC.
  8. If a variation to the animal ethics approval is required, the chief investigator must notify the AAPAEC Executive Officer by email at aec@aad.gov.au to request a variation(s) form.
  9. For subsequent approved seasons of the project, the chief investigator will be required to complete a variation(s) form only if there are any changes to numbers, locations, procedures or personnel not already approved by the AAPAEC.
  10. The chief investigator will be contacted annually by the AAPAEC Executive Officer ahead of the Antarctic season and the annual AAPAEC meeting to ascertain if there are any changes for the forthcoming season. If required, the AAPAEC Executive Officer will provide the chief investigator with a variation(s) form to complete.