PhD program in Quantitative Antarctic Science

Emperor penguins
Emperor penguins (Photo: Pete Hargreaves)

The AAD-UTAS PhD Program in Quantitative Antarctic Science (QAS) is an exciting study opportunity, launched in 2012, involving a partnership between the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and IMAS at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

QAS is part of the AAD’s strategy to improve capability in quantitative areas such as modelling and statistics.

The program offers scholarships to attract high quality students, who work on quantitative projects of direct relevance to the Australian Antarctic Science strategy.

Students enrolled in the program undertake PhD research on approved quantitative projects. Each project has at least one supervisor from each of the AAD and UTAS. As part of their studies, students are also required to complete a Graduate Diploma consisting of eight units of coursework, covering general research techniques as well as various aspects of Antarctic and marine science.

Students are eligible to apply for QAS scholarships, plus an annual stipend to cover research costs such as conference travel.

If you are interested in more information and available scholarships please contact the course coordinator Simon Wotherspoon.