The following table contains details of all grants approved under the 2012–13 round of the Australian Antarctic Science Program.

The Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities approved 26 grants on 9 October 2012 that were recommended by the Australian Antarctic Division following a rigorous process of project approval. Each grant is valid for the period outlined in the table.

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*Approval date is the date the funding agreement takes effect.

Recipient Project # Purpose (Project title) Value (GST incl) # of years Approval date* Grant funding location
Australian National University 4192 Predicting change: Will morphological constraints on hydraulic function limit acclimation of subantarctic plants to a warmer climate? $165,000.00 3 14/02/13 Canberra ACT 0200
4155 Antarctic Mass Balance: Data Mining and Assimilation of Geodetic Observations $165,000.00 3 06/06/13
4160 What is happening in Enderby Land? $146,196.60 3 06/06/13
Curtin University 4144 Antarctic Black Carbon Records of Past Climate and Fire Emissions $89,100.00 3 18/03/13 Bentley WA 6102
Deakin University 4177 Signature biomarkers for contaminant exposure associated with sewage and refuse legacy waste disposal sites in Antarctic fish and bivalves $120,725.00 3 17/04/13 Geelong VIC 3220
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (TAS) 4112 Status and trends of Macquarie Island Albatrosses and Giant Petrels: management and conservation of threatened seabirds $75,350.00 4 27/02/13 Hobart TAS 7000
Griffith University 4121 The seasonal dynamics of Persistent Organic Pollutants in coastal Antarctic waters from a coupled, vertically resolved fugacity food web model $165,000.00 3 22/04/13 Nathan QLD 4111
Macquarie University 4078 Grass of the Oceans: quantifying biodiversity, environmental and climatic connectivity from a decade-long capture of Southern Ocean diatoms $165,000.00 3 12/03/13 North Ryde NSW 2109
4135 Residual toxicity and risk assessment of petroleum hydrocarbons in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic soils $165,000.00 4 18/03/13
RMIT University 4134 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the last frontier: quantifying the environmental impacts and environmental impact reduction strategy for Australia’s Antarctic infrastructure $164,810.80 4 25/03/13 Melbourne VIC 3000
4159 GPS Radio Occultation for studying the Antarctic Atmosphere and Climate Analysis $165,000.00 3 25/03/13
Southern Cross University 4142 Toxicity of chemically and physically dispersed fuels on Antarctic marine biota — applicability of dispersant use for fuel spill response planning $113,520.00 3 11/06/13 Lismore NSW 2480
University of Adelaide 4123 Modelling ocean wave / sea ice interactions: experimental validation and assimilation into operational models $43,752.50 3 02/05/13 Adelaide SA 5000
4191 The Windmill-Bunger connection: a key to geodynamic models for the Precambrian Australian-Antarctic continent $6,050.00 2 02/05/13
University of Melbourne 4091 Energetics and dynamics of Polar Lows based on high resolution model output $161,150.00 3 18/03/13 Melbourne VIC 3000
4032 Bromine control of the mercury flux into the biosphere of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic regions $108,449.00 2 18/03/13
4080 The analysis of Antarctic upper air and surface temperature trends since the IGY and the identification of their causes using climate model analyses $102,232.90 4 21/03/13
4029 Development of contaminant metal removal systems suitable for implementation in cold regions $140,800.00 4 08/03/13
University of New England 4158 Ecology and control methods: Managing the invasive weed Poa annua in the Australian sub-Antarctic $80,300.00 3 24/01/13 Armidale NSW 2351
University of New South Wales 4011 Robotic Science on the High Antarctic Plateau $110,000.00 4 20/06/13 Sydney NSW 2052
4031 Monitoring Ecosystem Stability in Model Marine-Derived Antarctic Lake Systems $107,662.50 2# 23/07/13
University of Newcastle 4172 The Role of Magnetospheric Plasma Waves in Driving Space Weather $145,717.00 4 30/01/13 Callaghan NSW 2308
University of Tasmania 4124 Quantification and prediction of marine biodiversity at a range of geographical and ecological scales for spatial protection and management $165,000.00 3 23/05/13 Sandy Bay TAS 7005
4008 Sea ice microbial community dynamics in a changing climate $100,023.00 3 07/03/13
4184 Conservation genetics of Antarctic seabirds and seals: population connectivity and past glacial refugia $99,440.00 4 07/03/13
University of Wollongong 4046 Modelling spatial patterns and identifying environmental drivers for temporal change in Antarctic moss communities $165,000.00 3# 15/01/14 Wollongong NSW 2500

#Funding commences in 2013–14