The following table contains details of all grants approved for 2010–11 by the Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts as recommended by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) under the Australian Antarctic Science (AAS) Grants Program. The AAD is part of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

The Minister approved 35 AAS grants for 2010–11 on 5 July 2010 that were recommended by the AAD following a rigorous process of project approval. All grants are valid for a period of 12 months from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011.

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*Approval date is the date the funding agreement takes effect.

Recipient Project # Purpose (Project title) Value (GST incl) Approval date* Grant funding location
Australian National University 2780 Climate change and carbon gain in Antarctic mosses $22,309.10 07/12/10 Canberra ACT 0200
3120 Southern Ocean nutrients and their links to climate change: insights from the metal and silicon isotope signature of diatoms $28,050.00 05/01/11
3225 Parmales: taxonomy and role in the Antarctic marine ecosystem $4,020.50 25/11/10
2152 Conservation of plant biodiversity in Antarctica — a genetic approach $14,107.50 08/12/10
Griffith University 3115 Persistent Organic Pollutants and Emerging Contaminants of Concern; System Input From Local and Distant Contamination Sources $26,400.00 22/09/10 Nathan QLD 4111
La Trobe University 2699 Small-scale processes in Earth’s mesosphere and thermosphere in the auroral zone $17,711.11 05/01/11 Bundoora VIC 3086
Macquarie University 3214 KEOPS II. Sediment parameters, export analysis and composition (SPEAK) $17,722.10 03/11/10 North Ryde NSW 2109
2915 Rates of depletion of lubricant and fuel contaminants from Antarctic regions during natural attenuation and remediation procedures $14,245.00 03/11/10
2952 Spatial variability in polar soil ecosystems: An integrated study of genes, microbial biodiversity and landform evolution as a baseline for monitoring climate change $28,050.00 03/11/10
2936 Tracking Antimicrobial Resistance from Human Sewage to the Antarctic Environment $8,415.00 03/11/10
Queensland Museum 3010 Diversity and evolution of Australian Antarctic sea spiders: Understanding species diversification and distribution patterns $23,701.70 28/09/10 South Brisbane QLD 4101
RMIT University 3061 Water content and freezing tolerance of Antarctic mosses — indicators of climate change $15,658.50 26/10/10 Melbourne VIC 3000
South Australian Museum 2355 Molecular studies of the origins and dispersal patterns of invertebrates in the antarctic and subantarctic $26,741.00 05/11/10 Adelaide SA 5000
Primary Industries and Resources South Australia 859 The conservation of fur seals in the antarctic marine ecosystem $33,000.00 31/01/11 Henley Beach SA 5022
Southern Cross University 3054 Ecological risks from oil products used in Antarctica: characterising hydrocarbon behaviour and assessing toxicity on sensitive early life stages of Antarctic marine invertebrates $26,516.60 04/02/11 Lismore NSW 2480
University of Adelaide 674 Dynamical coupling in the Antarctic middle atmosphere $13,200.00 14/09/10 Adelaide SA 5000
University of Canberra 2946 Development of an artificial “living” sediment to study the effects of metal contamination in Antarctic marine ecosystems $26,400.00 01/10/10 Canberra ACT 2601
University of Melbourne 3050 Polar lows over the subantarctic waters $19,292.90 25/11/10 Melbourne VIC 3000
2570 Constraints on hydrocarbon adsorption and nutrient release from zeolites at low temperatures for hydrocarbon remediation in Antarctica $29,700.00 26/11/10
University of Newcastle 606 Observations of ULF space plasma waves in Antarctica $23,100.00 11/10/10 Callaghan NSW 2308
877 A Southern Hemisphere imaging riometer experiment (SHIRE) $9,075.00 11/10/10
University of New South Wales 3145 Monitoring Environmental Health and the Impacts of Climate Change — the Australian Southern-Ocean Genome-Based Microbial Observatory (ASOMO) $26,400.00 28/09/10 Sydney NSW 2052
University of Queensland 3119 The Polar Fohn of the McMurdo Dry Valleys: an agent of environmental change and landscape evolution $25,806.00 01/10/10 St Lucia QLD 4067
University of Sydney 3134 Vulnerability of Antarctic marine benthos to increased temperatures and ocean acidification associated with climate change $26,291.10 29/09/10 Sydney NSW 2052
University of Tasmania 3228 Southern Ocean mixing: Unique float observations of eddy exchange across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current $29,717.60 29/09/10 Sandy Bay TAS 7005
3127 Proteorhodopsins in Southern Ocean Bacteria $18,128.00 22/09/10
3033 A new method for characterisation of Antarctic microbial communities $27,405.40 12/11/10
2794 Winter foraging success of Southern Ocean predators in relation to stochastic variation in sea-ice extent and winter water formation $33,000.00 02/02/11
3227 From Physics to Animals: integration and synthesis of Antarctic predator tracking data with oceanographic and sea-ice data $55,063.80 17/11/10
2939 Satellite imagery for change detection in the sub-Antarctic: using Heard Island as a proof of concept $29,700.00 01/10/10
3130 Spatial analysis of changing terrestrial ecosystems in the Windmill Islands and the sub-Antarctic $29,700.00 01/10/10
1307 Sea ice primary production off eastern Antarctica $17,695.70 03/11/10
3117 Quantifying the effects of long term environmental change on World Heritage Macquarie Island $29,700.00 18/10/10
3121 Mass balance of the Totten basin in East Antarctica: Estimation and calibration from ground, air and space-based observations (TOT-Cal) $22,880.00 28/09/10
University of Wollongong 3129 Monitoring climate change induced desertification of Antarctica using stable isotopic signatures $30,690.00 28/09/10 Wollongong NSW 2500