The program is designed to achieve Australian Government objectives

This opportunity is part of the Grant Activity that contributes to Department of Environment and Energy Outcome 3: ‘Advance Australia’s strategic, scientific, environmental and economic interests in the Antarctic region by protecting, administering and researching the region’. The Department of the Environment and Energy works with stakeholders to plan and design the program according to the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs).

The program opens for applications

We publish the program guidelines and advertise on GrantConnect.

You complete and submit an application

We accept applications requesting AAD logistical support only, grants without logistics, and grants with logistics. We accept grant applications only from eligible institutions.

We assess all applications

We assess all applications against eligibility criteria and notify you if you are not eligible to progress. The application undergoes independent peer review against the relevant assessment criteria and you can submit a rejoinder to address reviewer comments. An expert panel assesses each application, taking into consideration reviewer and rejoinder comments, including an overall consideration of value for money, and compare it to other applications.

We make recommendations

We provide advice to the decision maker (Director, Australian Antarctic Division) on the merits of each application.

Decisions are made

The decision maker (Director, Australian Antarctic Division) decides which applications are successful. The delegates (Department representatives) approve grant funding amounts and distribution over the life of the project.

We notify you of the outcome

We advise you of the outcome of your application. We will enter into a grant agreement and/or letter of agreement with successful applicants.

Delivery of activity

You undertake the project as set out in your approved application and/or grant agreement. We manage the project by working with you, monitoring your progress and making grant payments where applicable.

Evaluation of the Australian Antarctic Science Program

We evaluate project activities and the program as a whole. We base this on information you provide to us and that we collect from various sources.


  • AAD: Australian Antarctic Division
  • AADC: Australian Antarctic Data Centre
  • AAO: Antarctic Applications Online
  • AAP: Australian Antarctic Program
  • AAPAEC: Australian Antarctic Program Animal Ethics Committee
  • AAS: Australian Antarctic Science
  • AASP: Australian Antarctic Science Program
  • AAT: Australian Antarctic Territory
  • AEST: Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • CI: Chief Investigator
  • CGRGs: Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines
  • CV: Curriculum vitae
  • DMP: Data Management Plan
  • SP&C: Science Planning and Coordination

About the opportunity

These guidelines contain information for the Australian Antarctic Science Program (including Grant Program).

This document sets out:

  • the purpose of the program
  • the purpose of the opportunity
  • the eligibility and assessment criteria
  • how applications are monitored and evaluated
  • responsibilities and expectations in relation to the opportunity

You must read the guidelines before completing an application.