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Voyage 1, 2022–2023 – MPOV Aiviq

Voyage 1 of the MPOV Aiviq departed Hobart on 21 October 2022 to resupply Macquarie Island.

On the latest sitrep from 31 October 2022, MPOV Aiviq had travelled 1243.5 NM and was located at −42°53′‘S, 147°19′‘E.

Hobart Hobart Casey Casey Davis Davis Macquarie Is Macquarie Is Mawson Mawson Heard & McDonald Is Heard & McDonald Is MPOV Aiviq MPOV Aiviq

28 October 2022 – 54.5°S, 158.9°E – 1,140 km travelled

Icebreaker Aiviq has departed Macquarie Island following the successful changeover of expeditioners.

Crews on the ship and station worked hard to deliver people and supplies, guided by voyage leader Christine MacMillian and deputy Jacob Petraitis.

The ship returned to Hobart on 31 October.

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