Freeze Frame

Kerry Steinberner first visited Davis as a volunteer biologist in 1997–98 after completing an Honours degree in Antarctic Studies. She has since wintered at Mawson and Macquarie Island and visited Casey and Heard Island in various roles with the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Antarctic Division. This year she wintered at Davis as a meteorological observer. She used her grandfather’s old Canon camera on her first Antarctic trip and has had plenty of inspiration to practice since.

This ice sculpture was taken at Crooked Lake, near Davis. The ice blocks were originally rafted ice in the freshwater lake, which were so large, sharp and dense that they were difficult to drive through in June. By September, when I took this photo, they had been eroded into small sparse sculptures by the wind. To get the sun angle right I had to lie on my back and take this upside down over my head.