Mawson wildlife

Don’t leave us behind! Emperor penguin chicks racing after an adult as it leaves the main colony area.
Emperor penguin chicks at Auster colony. (Photo: Kate Kloza)
Two curious Adelies look up at the camera.An emperor penguin launches itself from a small water hole seeming to flyWeddell seals with its nose out of the water catching some breathsA Weddell seal pup and mumAn emperor penguin parent with a chick on their feet.

The Mawson region is one of the richest areas for seabirds in the Australian Antarctic Territory, and supports breeding colonies of emperor and Adélie penguins, snow petrels, Antarctic petrels (the largest colony in Antarctica with 158,000 breeding pairs), Wilson’s storm petrels, cape petrels, southern giant petrels, Antarctic fulmars and skuas.

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