The ship schedules below are based on current Australian Antarctic Program activity schedules and priorities. Greater detail around voyage dates will be published prior to each season.

These schedules will change with priorities and program requirements as required.

2024–25 ship schedule


Mid Oct 24 – Late Oct 24MS trials
Late Oct 24 – Mid Dec 24Davis over ice resupply and Marine ScienceIncludes Mawson summer insert by air from Davis, helis. Davis changeover. Deliver potable water to Davis. Marine Science (10 days).
Mid Dec 24 – Mid Feb 25Casey refuel, Marine Science, Mawson overwater resupply, Davis pickup, Bunger Hills cargo retrievalCasey refuel (5 days), Marine Science (10 days), Mawson resupply and changeover (8 days), retrieve Davis summer personnel plus helis (3 days), BH cargo (4 days).
Late Feb 25 – Late Apr 25Denman Glacier marine campaignAAPP, ACEAS, SAEF major science project

Supplementary ship

Early Jan 25 – Late Jan 25Casey cargo resupplyNo fuel delivery
Early Feb 25 – Mid Feb 25MI resupplyMI resupply and changeover (8 days). Deliver rebuild cargo. Helis and LARCs.

Ship TBA

Late Oct 24 – Early Nov 24MI pax and limited cargo drop off/pick up