The following information is for Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPE) shipments being exported from Australia to Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations, as supported by the Australian Antarctic Program.

All expeditioners intending on sending UPE to Antarctica and sub-Antarctic stations, should complete an Antarctic Applications Online profile and log into the Econ system to complete a personal effects Econ consignment.

UPE should only be consigned in Econ to designated cargo transports, limited to resupply voyages and C-17 cargo flights.

Via ship, UPE will be delivered to/from station on resupply voyages. Expected delivery times should be considered when choosing a voyage/flight in the Econ system, as delivery maybe sometime after an expeditioner arrives on station (in some cases, towards the end of their deployment).

Unaccompanied personal effects may be delivered via other unplanned cargo pathways subject to payload availability and may arrive at station after an expeditioner. For further information, contact Supply Services.

Please refer to the shipping and flight schedules for AAP voyages and flights.