Biosecurity refers to measures taken to prevent the introduction or spread of organisms or diseases.

Biosecurity Risk Material (BRM) can pose a risk to Australian, Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments.

Australia has an obligation — under the Antarctic Treaty System, several international agreements and national legislation — to protect the Antarctic environment. The AAD is strongly committed to the comprehensive protection of these environments.

AAP cargo that is shipped or flown to the Antarctic or sub-Antarctic, is processed through biosecurity screening. External packaging of cargo is inspected. After inspection, cargo is packed and fogged to help ensure that it is clean and free of any BRM.

If you are involved in supplying, procuring, consigning, consolidating or packing items and cargo for the Australian Antarctic Program, you must ensure these items are clean and free of BRM before delivery to the AAD.

If you have cargo that you think should be exempt from biosecurity treatments, please contact Supply Planning before your cargo is delivered to the AAD.