Fresh, running water is a precious commodity and its generation requires a great deal of energy. Each station obtains its water by different means.

Casey and Mawson pump water from a melt lake behind the station and store it in a heated tank house.

Davis draws water from a local tarn which is processed by a Reverse Osmosis System which produces about 18,000 litres each 24 hours. The average station demand is around 10,000 — 14,000 litres a day.

Macquarie Island draws water from a dam located about 3km from the station on the plateau. 200 metres above sea level. The water is pumped to two holding tanks.

Water saving appliances are installed wherever possible, but each person on station is asked to use as little water as possible.

You may be asked to restrict your shower to 3 minutes, and when water is short, to shower every second or third day.

Save your washing to do one big load rather than several smaller ones.

Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth.