Accommodation in Hobart

All AAD-employed expeditioners are accommodated at AAD expense in Hobart. This is usually at a self-contained apartment in the city. You may be sharing with others who you will meet on arrival. You will be responsible for providing and cooking your own food.

An expeditioner bus will collect you each morning to take you to Head Office in Kingston, about 25 minutes south of Hobart.

The information pack (mailed to you before your arrival) contains address details and the timetable for the expeditioner bus.

Non-AAD expeditioners will need to organise their own accommodation.

Working at Head Office

If you are an expeditioner employed by the AAD, you must comply with the working conditions of the other employees. Normal work hours are 37.5 hours per week, with reasonable additional hours from time to time.

Training will occupy a significant part of your time. Some of this may take place on weekends, depending on availability of venues and trainers. If you are not engaged on training courses or preparatory work, you are expected to assist with general tasks in support of expedition activities, such as preparing equipment and supplies. You will be fairly busy, and opportunities for recreation and sightseeing will be restricted to evenings and weekends.

Station leaders and supervisors are responsible for the supervision of expeditioners. You must report any absence to either the station leader or supervisor by 10 am on the first day of absence. Dress code will depend on your specific job. Wear appropriate clothing for your activity.

If you are an AAD-employed expeditioner you will finalise your medical examinations if you have not already done so. You will also participate in various inductions as well as a range of trade and professional training courses. You will undergo some field training and be kitted out with the clothing and equipment you need to work in Antarctica.

You will receive information including:

  • details of salary payment and superannuation
  • the science program for the coming season
  • asset management and station operations
  • shipping
  • air travel
  • separation issues
  • the behaviour that is expected of you, including workplace diversity issues
  • polar medicine and the role of the doctor on station
  • your role in environmental management
  • OHS issues that pertain to life in Antarctica.

The length of your stay in Hobart will depend on your job and the duration you will be in Antarctica.