In the first year following the release of this Action Plan, the Government will have:

  • Finalised the contract arrangements and commenced building Australia’s new icebreaker — the most significant investment in the Australian Antarctic programme for a generation.
  • Established sustainable and ongoing funding for the Australian Antarctic programme to ensure we continue as a global leader in Antarctic science, policy and operations.
  • Commenced preliminary work to support investment decisions on major infrastructure and capabilities needed to support Australia’s position of future science leadership in Antarctica, including overland traverse capability, year-round aviation access and krill research infrastructure.
  • Established an arrangement for Department of Defence support to the Australian Antarctic programme, inclusive of a regular programme of flights to Antarctica using Australian Defence Force C‑17A aircraft.
  • Undertaken Australia’s first formal management and scientific research visit to our Heard Island and McDonald Islands external territory since 2004.
  • Streamlined Commonwealth and State regulatory and approval processes to facilitate increased use of Hobart as an Antarctic Gateway port by other nations.
  • Agreed on prioritised proposals to further enhance Tasmania’s status as an Antarctic Gateway through a joint Commonwealth, State and industry taskforce, including for roll-out of expanded infrastructure in Hobart to accommodate the new icebreaker.
  • Launched a Centre for Antarctic, Remote and Maritime Medicine, jointly with the Tasmanian Government, to pool expertise and build an internationally recognised centre of excellence for the delivery of remote medical care.
  • Assessed progress against achieving our national Antarctic interests and delivering on the Action Plan.