By the fifth year following the release of the Action Plan, the Government will have:

  • Delivered Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker and built a new science and operations model around its use in the Southern Ocean, including full integration with other national shipping assets, particularly Australia’s National Marine Facility, the RV Investigator.
  • Established an overland traverse and mobile inland station, and commenced involvement in a major scientific research undertaking to retrieve a million-year old ice core.
  • Taken an investment decision on delivering year‑round aviation infrastructure.
  • Commenced implementation, as appropriate, of recommendations from the major infrastructure and capability reviews towards modernisation of the Australian Antarctic program to support increased access to and within Antarctica and greater Australian science leadership.
  • Delivered all the associated infrastructure in Tasmania and Antarctica necessary to maximise the efficient and effective use of the new icebreaker.
  • Set in place a comprehensive policy and scientific research approach, in collaboration with other nations, to ensure the sustainable management of the Southern Ocean krill fishery.
  • Developed our aviation operations to make best use of the upgraded Hobart International Airport, the major hub for air access to the region, including with Australian Defence Force C‑17A support.
  • Established an enhanced program of mapping and charting of areas in East Antarctica.
  • Maximised science funding with combined public and private sources to lead on the major science challenges of 2020 and beyond.
  • Renewed the Mawson’s Huts Historic Site management plan to ensure the continued preservation of this iconic national heritage site.
  • Conducted a five-year review of progress against achieving our national Antarctic interests and delivering on the Action Plan, identifying next steps to 2035 and options on whether the plan requires revision.