Icebergs and ice photo gallery


Sunlight reflecting off iceberg near Mawson station
Photo: Glenn Browning
A floating iceberg shaped like a lizard’s head
Photo: B. Alden
Icebergs near Davis station
Photo: Nick Helmore
Bright yellow sunset with icebergs in the foreground
Photo: Stu Shaw
A tabular iceberg against a pink sunset.
Photo: Jenny Feast
An inflatable rubber boat approaches an iceberg
Sunset at Davis
Photo: Chris Hill
Disintegrating glacier berg
Photo: Dean Lewins
Large domed iceberg
Photo: Peter Hargreaves
Detail of tilted sloping iceberg
Photo: Rob Bryson
Detail of pinnacled iceberg with pink glow of evening light over horizon.
Photo: Dave Allen, New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
An iceberg illuminated with low angle evening sunlight bringing out various shades of blue
Photo: Ian Phillips
Weathered iceberg
Photo: Justin Chambers

Coloured icebergs

Sunset casts an orange glow over the glacier where it meets the sea.
Photo: Vicki
A jade iceberg trapped in the sea ice
Photo: Tim K.
The tongue of the glacier makes a V-shape mountain between the mountains either side
Photo: Ian Allison
This iceberg has a sea green stripe through it’s body
Photo: Imojen
Dr Steve Nicol on a boat by a jade-striped berg
Photo: AAD