Getting dressed to head south

A Marine Science Support gear officer with the French beam trawl during CEAMARC.
Marine science can be very wet, cold work on the ship’s trawl deck (Photo: Tony Veness)
Expeditioners practice of rope workKen Smith, Ron Thomas and Dan Smith putting up the steel work at the ‘new’ field storeTwo scientists walking in mist with shepherds’ crooks, pulling other expeditioner on sledExpeditioners on Welsh Island maintaining remote cameraChris and Colin working on the heat traceExpeditioners in IRB (Inflatable Rubber Boat) on way to Béchervaise IslandExpeditioners on quad bikes preparing to leave for Bandits field hutExpeditioner monitoring vegetation

Different activities and work environments will demand different amounts and types of clothing. For example, expeditioners dress differently depending on whether they work in the Antarctic, subantarctic, indoors or outdoors, or at sea.

Those working in the wet subantarctic will need different clothing to those based on the dry continent of Antarctica.