Consider the location of your proposed activities:

Macquarie Island

Approval for activities being conducted on Macquarie Island should be sought from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania ( Do not complete any further AAD forms for environmental approval.

CCAMLR convention area

Within the CCAMLR convention area, biological research or harvesting requires an AMLR Permit using the environmental approvals application form [Word].

South of 60 degrees south

Activities south of 60 degrees south may require an environmental impact assessment [Word] and possibly an ATEP permit. Conduct a preliminary assessment and, if applicable, apply for a Permit using the environmental approvals application form [Word].

Existing approvals may need variations or extensions, which can be requested using the environmental approvals application form [Word].

Heard Island

A person is required to have a permit to enter the Heard Island and McDonald Islands (except in an emergency) and for any proposed scientific, management or recreational activity. The Territory is taken to comprise the islands, all offshore rocks and shoals, and the nautical 12 mile territorial sea. The Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve Management Plan contains information in relation to permits and impact assessment.

To apply for a permit, please complete the permit application. For further information regarding visits to Heard Island and McDonald Islands, please contact

Protected areas (ASPAs and ASMAs)

Ensure that you are aware of the existence of, and requirements set out in, any applicable Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs) or Antarctic Specially Managed Areas (ASMAs) that you intend to enter as part of your proposed activity. Maps and management plans can be obtained from the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty.