Macquarie Island station webcam

Macquarie Island station webcam image, looking North. Monday, 19 March 2018, 12:48 am. Air temperature: 
°C.  Wind speed: 

Timelapse movie: previous two days

Timelapse video

Sky-cam timelapse

Timelapse video

Still images of the full sky are obtained with a small camera mounted under a dome near the Clean Air Laboratory, and provide a view with similar sensitivity to the naked eye for the study of Antarctic clouds. There are some artefacts in the images due to defective pixels (bright stationary star-like features at night), and refraction and scattering of light by the dome.

At night, the green laser beam from the Divisionís atmospheric LIDAR can be seen emanating from the Science Building on the eastern horizon. The laser beam brightens when it is scattered by low clouds.

The date/time on the image shows local Macquarie Island time. If you have any questions about the webcams, please see our webcam FAQ.