Antarctic webcams and timelapse video

The Australian Antarctic Division operates webcams at its four permanent stations: three on the Antarctic continent at Mawson, Casey and Davis, and the other at sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island.

The icebreaker Aurora Australis has a webcam which operates when the ship is on hire to the Division for scientific and resupply voyages in the Southern Ocean. There is also a daily construction timelapse video for Australia’s new icebreaker, Nuyina.

In addition, the krill cam gives an insight into life in the Division’s marine research aquarium where scientists study the the physiology, behaviour and reproduction of krill.


Weather data is collected by automatic weather stations operated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and AAD personnel at the stations. This data is also held by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre.

Also available is weather information from Dome A – possibly the coldest place on Earth.

Research stationObservation date (UTC)Air temperatureAir pressureWind speed
Casey19-Dec-2018 16:51:46−0.1°C990.5 hPa10 km/h
Davis19-Dec-2018 16:51:051.9°C990.9 hPa15 km/h
Macquarie Island19-Dec-2018 16:50:567.5°C999.9 hPa32 km/h
Mawson19-Dec-2018 16:51:35−1.1°C992.5 hPa39 km/h
Dome A19-Dec-2018 15:54:41−32.96°C592.2 hPa17 km/h


Did you see something strange on one of the webcams? Are you curious about how they work? Please view the frequently asked questions.