Krill schooling and reproduction

A magnified view of a semi-opaque krill
Furcilia VI larvae of Euphausia superba reared in the aquarium, viewed through a microscope.

There are two main achievements for the krill aquarium. These highlight the importance of laboratory based research.


We recently succeeded in making krill school in our research tanks under an artificially controlled aquarium environment.

This major achievement opens up many new opportunities for studying krill behaviour. There is only a single study on Antarctic krill schooling for a short-term in an aquarium system setup on the Antarctic continent that has been reported in the past, it has never been replicated.


Antarctic krill kept in our aquarium mature, mate and spawn as they do in the wild. These eggs hatched out and we are now maintaining krill larvae. Our effort is ongoing aiming to close the entire life cycle. Our achievement allows us to study their early life stage in detail, which is key to understand their survival through the harsh Antarctic winter condition.

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Krill schooling in research tanks

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