Dr Rob Massom

Dr Rob Massom.
Dr Rob Massom. (Photo: Rob Massom)

Dr Rob Massom: BSc (Hons), PhD
Senior Research Scientist: sea ice and remote sensing

Research interests

I have been involved in polar research since joining the Sea Ice Group of the Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge, England) in 1980, initially working primarily in the Arctic (1980-1992) then the Antarctic (1986-present).

After completing my PhD in 1989 (a detailed satellite-and drifting buoy-based analysis of an annual sea ice cycle in the Weddell Sea), this ongoing adventure took me on a postdoctoral fellowship to the Oceans and Ice Branch of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (USA). I then moved to Tasmania in 1992 to take up a position at the (then) Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre, before joining the Australian Antarctic Division in 2006.

I am currently a senior research scientist with the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) and Australian Antarctic Division, and a member of the ACE CRC Cryosphere program.

My current research interests include:

  • changes in Antarctic sea ice and polar oceans and their physical and ecological significance, and bipolar comparisons
  • the impact of modes of large-scale anomalous atmospheric circulation and extreme events on sea ice properties and ecology
  • remote sensing of sea ice and its validation
  • snow cover on sea ice (characteristics and impacts)
  • sea ice and penguins
  • interactions between the Antarctic Ice Sheet and sea ice (including ice-shelf breakup processes).

Current projects

International representation/collaborations

  • ISPRS Working Group VIII/10 Cryosphere
  • International Programme for Antarctic Buoys member
  • Council member, International Glaciological Society
  • Editorial Board member, Polar Research and Annals of Glaciology
  • My work is dependent on international cross-disciplinary collaboration with colleagues from NASA (Dr Joey Comiso); University of California Santa Cruz, USA (Dr Sharon Stammerjohn); Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, USA (Drs Dan Lubin and Helen Fricker); the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (Dr Ted Scambos); CRREL, USA (Dr Matthew Sturm); University of Hokkaido, Japan (Drs Takeshi Tamura, Takenobu Toyota and Kay Ohshima); NIPR, Japan (DR Shuki Ushio); University of Otago, New Zealand (Prof. Vernon Squire); CNRS, France (Dr Benoit Légresy); CEB Chizé, France (Dr Christophe Barbraud); CNRS Strasbourg France (Dr André Ancel); the Argentine Navy Meteorological Service (Dr Sandra Barreira); University of Alberta, Canada (Dr Christian Haas); and the University of Bristol, UK (Dr Tim Williams)

Key outcome areas

  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
  • Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources(CCAMLR)
  • International Whaling Commission (IWC)
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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Selected Publications


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Book chapters

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Scientific papers

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