Dr Andrew Klekociuk

Dr Andrew Klekociuk
Dr Andrew Klekociuk (Photo: AAD)

Dr Andrew Klekociuk: BSc(Hons) PhD
Senior Research Scientist: atmospheric composition

Research interests

I grew up in Tasmania, and studied at the University of Tasmania, where I gained a PhD in physics in 1991. My research thesis in radioastronomy was entitled 'Timing Observations of the Vela Pulsar PSR0833-45'. In 1987, prior to completing my PhD, I joined the Australian Antarctic Division as a research physicist, and have remained in full time employment with the Division ever since. In 1988 I wintered at Macquarie Island, where I maintained the Upper Atmospheric Physics observatory and collected data for a research project on pulsating aurorae. Following this I was involved with three field campaigns to study pulsating aurorae and auroral energetics, which involved stints at Mawson (1990-91), Macquarie Island (1991-92) and Kotezbue, Alaska (1992).

Since 1994 I have been leading a collaborative project between the Antarctic Division and the University of Adelaide to develop and operate a sophisticated LIDAR (light detection and ranging) facility at Davis station in Antarctica, for the study of atmospheric processes and climate. The Davis LIDAR measures atmospheric density, temperature and aerosol characteristics from 5 to 95 km altitude, and my research has centred on interpretation of these measurements in the context of describing basic atmospheric processes and their relationship with global climate change. My primary interests are:

  • the influence of small scale waves on stratospheric ozone and Polar Stratospheric Clouds;
  • feedbacks between the ozone hole and tropospheric climate; and
  • processes associated with icy aerosols at the mesopause (80-95 km altitude).

My current work has involved five summer expeditions at Davis station since 2000-01. 

Current projects

International representation/collaborations

Key outcome areas 

Goal 3 of the Australian Antarctic program: The role of Antarctica in the global climate system.

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Selected Publications

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