Science facilities

Scientist works in laboratory
Daryl makes mountains of media. (Photo: John Rich)
Investigations in the lab on Macquarie Island

The Antarctic Division maintains laboratories for scientific research at each of its stations. The facilities are available for use by all researchers who have ASAC approved projects.

Basic equipment is supplied in the science laboratories (biology). If you wish to use this equipment you must contact the Laboratory Manager. All other equipment, including consumables and chemicals required for approved programs, should be taken to Antarctica by the scientist(s) involved. These items must be returned to Australia on completion of the program. Limited use of other Antarctic Division equipment may on occasions also be available. This use, however, must be confirmed with the Antarctic Division's Laboratory Manager well in advance of departure for Antarctica. Please contact the Division for more information

For details about the upper atmosphere physics laboratories contact Program Manager Atmospheric Sciences. For details about the cosmic ray physics laboratory at Mawson, contact Program Manager Cosmic Ray Physics.