Online application form

The application form for the Australian Antarctic Science Program (including Grant Program) 2018–19 round can be accessed through the Antarctic Applications Online (AAO) system.

The online form offers access for multiple authors but they must be registered with the system and included as a team member to do so. The chief investigator is responsible for assigning read/write access to other team members and must do so from within the application.

Applicants are advised to complete and save the ‘Create Science App’ page by Tuesday, 2 October 2018. By doing this, you are registering intent to submit an application; early registration is encouraged so that Science Planning and Coordination section can provide relevant and timely advice in relation to your project.

There are some fields in the application form that take time to complete, including budget information and details around logistical support requests, so you should create an application as early as possible.

Once you have created an application, you will have access to a Word version of the form through the ‘help’ function. Please note that the word version cannot mimic all the features of the online form and cannot be submitted in place of the online application.

The online form is 'smart' and will only show grant questions if the chief investigator's institution/affiliation is on the list of eligible institutions.

Chief investigators of current Australian Antarctic Program projects can also use the AAO system to access their projects. Project team members must be registered on the system and have been granted read/write access to the project by the chief investigator before accessing the project in AAO.

Anyone having trouble with access should contact Science Planning and Coordination.