2012-13 round of the Australian Antarctic Science Program

The following table contains details of all grants approved under the 2012-13 round of the Australian Antarctic Science Program.

The Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities approved 26 grants on 9 October 2012 that were recommended by the Australian Antarctic Division following a rigorous process of project approval. Each grant is valid for the period outlined in the table.

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*Approval date is the date the funding agreement takes effect.

Recipient Project # Purpose (Project title) Value (GST incl) # of years Approval date* Grant funding location
Australian National University 4192 Predicting change: Will morphological constraints on hydraulic function limit acclimation of subantarctic plants to a warmer climate? $165,000.00 3 14/02/13 Canberra ACT 0200
4155 Antarctic Mass Balance: Data Mining and Assimilation of Geodetic Observations $165,000.00 3 06/06/13
4160 What is happening in Enderby Land? $146,196.60 3 06/06/13
Curtin University 4144 Antarctic Black Carbon Records of Past Climate and Fire Emissions $89,100.00 3 18/03/13 Bentley WA 6102
Deakin University 4177 Signature biomarkers for contaminant exposure associated with sewage and refuse legacy waste disposal sites in Antarctic fish and bivalves $120,725.00 3 17/04/13 Geelong VIC 3220
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (TAS) 4112 Status and trends of Macquarie Island Albatrosses and Giant Petrels: management and conservation of threatened seabirds $75,350.00 4 27/02/13 Hobart TAS 7000
Griffith University 4121 The seasonal dynamics of Persistent Organic Pollutants in coastal Antarctic waters from a coupled, vertically resolved fugacity food web model $165,000.00 3 22/04/13 Nathan QLD 4111
Macquarie University 4078 Grass of the Oceans: quantifying biodiversity, environmental and climatic connectivity from a decade-long capture of Southern Ocean diatoms $165,000.00 3 12/03/13 North Ryde NSW 2109
4135 Residual toxicity and risk assessment of petroleum hydrocarbons in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic soils $165,000.00 4 18/03/13
RMIT University 4134 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the last frontier: quantifying the environmental impacts and environmental impact reduction strategy for Australia’s Antarctic infrastructure $164,810.80 4 25/03/13 Melbourne VIC 3000
4159 GPS Radio Occultation for studying the Antarctic Atmosphere and Climate Analysis $165,000.00 3 25/03/13
Southern Cross University 4142 Toxicity of chemically and physically dispersed fuels on Antarctic marine biota - applicability of dispersant use for fuel spill response planning $113,520.00 3 11/06/13 Lismore NSW 2480
University of Adelaide 4123 Modelling ocean wave / sea ice interactions: experimental validation and assimilation into operational models $43,752.50 3 02/05/13 Adelaide SA 5000
4191 The Windmill-Bunger connection: a key to geodynamic models for the Precambrian Australian-Antarctic continent $6,050.00 2 02/05/13
University of Melbourne 4091 Energetics and dynamics of Polar Lows based on high resolution model output $161,150.00 3 18/03/13 Melbourne VIC 3000
4032 Bromine control of the mercury flux into the biosphere of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic regions $108,449.00 2 18/03/13
4080 The analysis of Antarctic upper air and surface temperature trends since the IGY and the identification of their causes using climate model analyses $102,232.90 4 21/03/13
4029 Development of contaminant metal removal systems suitable for implementation in cold regions $140,800.00 4 08/03/13
University of New England 4158 Ecology and control methods: Managing the invasive weed Poa annua in the Australian sub-Antarctic $80,300.00 3 24/01/13 Armidale NSW 2351
University of New South Wales 4011 Robotic Science on the High Antarctic Plateau $110,000.00 4 20/06/13 Sydney NSW 2052
4031 Monitoring Ecosystem Stability in Model Marine-Derived Antarctic Lake Systems $107,662.50 2# 23/07/13
University of Newcastle 4172 The Role of Magnetospheric Plasma Waves in Driving Space Weather $145,717.00 4 30/01/13 Callaghan NSW 2308
University of Tasmania 4124 Quantification and prediction of marine biodiversity at a range of geographical and ecological scales for spatial protection and management $165,000.00 3 23/05/13 Sandy Bay TAS 7005
4008 Sea ice microbial community dynamics in a changing climate $100,023.00 3 07/03/13
4184 Conservation genetics of Antarctic seabirds and seals: population connectivity and past glacial refugia $99,440.00 4 07/03/13
University of Wollongong 4046 Modelling spatial patterns and identifying environmental drivers for temporal change in Antarctic moss communities $165,000.00 3# 15/01/14 Wollongong NSW 2500

#Funding commences in 2013-14