Cool science

  • Euphausia superba reared in the aquarium viewed through a microscope.

    Darkness sheds light on krill reproduction

    5 June 2009

    When it comes to reproduction, Antarctic krill like the lights off.

  • LIDAR beam and aurora over Davis Station

    Bushfire smoke reaches Davis station

    23 April 2009

    Smoke from the February 2009 Victorian bushfires has been detected penetrating the stratosphere by LIDAR located at Davis Station

  • An aurora over Newcomb Bay at Casey.

    International Polar Day - Above the Polar Regions

    1 December 2008

    International Polar Day - Above the Polar Regions

  • Krill swarm

    Krill Cam brings live krill to your computer

    19 November 2008

    Live krill, direct from the Southern Ocean, are now swimming under the spotlight in the Australian Antarctic Divisions krill aquarium, thanks to the installation of a web cam above their tank.

  • International Polar Year update

    27 August 2008

    The Australian Antarctic program continues to be a highly collaborative and internationalised science program during the first year of the International Polar Year, 2007/08.

  • Circumpolar map of mean annual sea ice thickness (including ridged ice).

    First Antarctic circumpolar map of sea ice thickness

    25 July 2008

    Data collected from 83 voyages between 1980 and 2005 have made the first circumpolar map of mean annual sea ice thickness around Antarctica.

  • Dome-A automatic weather station

    Requirements for the coldest place on Earth

    14 May 2008

    It barely snows, the wind hardly blows, its over 4 km high with 3 of those being ice. Could Dome A really be the coldest place on Earth?

  • Image of the Davis Station LIDAR laser flashlamp

    Ice clouds

    18 January 2008

    First recorded simultaneous observations of ice clouds at Davis looking up from the ground and looking down from space.

  • Black and white penguin with lines of excrement radiating outward from the nest.

    Pesticides found in penguin colonies

    2 November 2007

    Persistent organic pollutants, such as the pesticide DDT, have never been used in polar regions but have been found at surprisingly high levels in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

  • Algae in decaying sea ice

    SIPEX voyage web site

    5 September 2007

    Explore the sea ice zone around Antarctica with the international team on board the Aurora Australis. Check daily updates on the SIPEX voyage web site.