Cool science

  • Humpback whale fluke

    Whale tails tell tales

    14 May 2010

    Marine scientists from around the world are being encouraged to match photos of whale tails collected on the recent Antarctic Whale Expedition.

  • Map showing the oceanic sector in which the 2006 BROKE-West survey was conducted - known as CCAMLR Division 58.4.2.

    Breaking new ground in marine science

    13 May 2010

    One of the most comprehensive ecosystem surveys conducted in the Southern Ocean is the focus of the latest issue of Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.

  • Jeremy Verdouw (left) and Joe Hutchins with the diamond-tipped saw used to slice thin otolith sections.

    Age Matters

    26 March 2010

    For the next 18 months, fisheries research assistants Jeremy Verdouw and Joe Hutchins expect to examine up to 7000 ear bones or otoliths from Patagonian toothfish, to estimate the age of each fish.

  • Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

    A focus on krill

    26 March 2010

    KRILL: Read all about it in a special issue of Deep-Sea Research Part II!

  • The 3000 year old ice core taken from Dome Summit South.

    Getting to the core of climate

    18 March 2010

    How do scientists extract 3000 years of climate history from an ice core?

  • Erecting the main structure of the building

    Keeping science cool

    26 February 2010

    Scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division have a new state-of-the-art cool store and freezer facility at Kingston.

  • Nick Gales  Southern Ocean Research Partnership

    Southern Ocean whale expedition

    1 February 2010

    Marine Biologist Dr Nick Gales explains the aims of a joint Australia-New Zealand whale expedition in the southern ocean this summer.

  • Diving at Davis station

    Diving at Davis station

    14 January 2010

    Listen to benthic ecologist, Dr Jonny Stark, explain the Antarctic Division's diving program at Davis station this summer.

  • Life under the ice

    17 December 2009

    Hear from the Antarctic Division's Chief Glaciologist, Dr Ian Allison, about research into the Amery Ice Shelf.

  • Aerial whale research

    10 December 2009

    Listen to quantitative ecologist, Dr Natalie Kelly, talk about her research into Antarctic minke whale populations from the air this summer.