Cool science

  • computer screen showing iron density

    Looking for iron in the sky

    9 June 2011

    Australian and German scientists are searching for iron in the sky above Davis to learn more about the earth's atmosphere at the edge of space.

  • Sea ice instrumentation

    Collaborative venture for sea ice science

    3 June 2011

    A collaboration between Antarctic tradespeople, engineers and sea ice scientists has seen the successful installation of a high-tech, ice-monitoring network in the sea ice near Davis.

  • Emperor penguins in a huddle

    Penguin huddle makes waves

    3 June 2011

    Emperor penguins on the outside of a huddle gradually move to the inside, where its warm, through a coordinated huddle wave.

  • Students examine creatures on the reef at low tide.

    Cool school: Antarctic scientists take to the classroom

    4 October 2010

    Scientists from the Antarctic Division are venturing into schools around Australia to inspire questioning minds and a love of learning.

  • Short-tailed shearwater

    Data mining enhances scientific knowledge

    29 September 2010

    Scientists have used 'data mining' to build a richer picture of shearwater foraging in the Southern Ocean.

  • Crustacean: Amphipod

    Creatures from the bottom of the ocean on display for National Science Week

    19 August 2010

    As part of National Science Week the Australian Antarctic Division is featuring fascinating images of creatures from the bottom of the Southern Ocean in its public display area. Marvel at the diverse array of invertebrates collected from the Antarctic ‘benthos’ or sea floor and learn more about the scientific research undertaken by the Division.

  • A QuickBird satellite image of islands in the study area with bright areas of guano highlighted in red, green and yellow.

    Mapping penguin colonies from space

    2 August 2010

    Penguin poo, or 'guano', can provide scientists with a wealth of information, especially when viewed from space.

  • Diver collecting a cuttlefish

    Antarctic octopuses harbour venomous surprise

    27 July 2010

    Antarctic octopuses harbour venomous surprise

  • Dr Claudia Arango with a giant sea spider from Antarctica.

    Sea spiders provide insights into Antarctic evolution

    22 July 2010

    Sea spider expert, Dr Claudia Arango, visited the Australian Antarctic Division this week to study a large collection of these long-legged marine invertebrates.

  • Alex standing on the sea ice and the Aurora Australis behind, during the Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment voyage in 2007.

    Measuring fast ice in Antarctica

    13 July 2010

    13 July 2010 The ability to detect changes in Antarctic 'fast ice' (stationary sea ice attached to the continent or grounded icebergs) could provide scientists with a useful indicator of climate change in Antarctica and insights into what drives the …