Cool science

  • A common seastar, Diplasterias brucei, amongst a complex mix of epifaunal species including sponges and polychaete fan worms near Davis station.

    Marine biodiversity: More than meets the eye

    22 May 2013

    New research combining traditional taxonomy with DNA technology has found that Antarctic marine communities are more biologically diverse than previously thought.

  • A pod of minkes, including one recently tagged with a green acoustic tag, in their feeding grounds in the Gerlache Strait off the Antarctic Peninsula

    World Oceans' Day 2013

    8 June 2013

    Australian Antarctic Division scientists spend a lot of time studying the physical properties of the Southern Ocean, as well as the animals that contribute to its ecosystems.

  • A Patagonian toothfish being measured on an electronic measuring board.

    Patagonian toothfish now a ‘best choice’ for consumers

    12 April 2013

    Patagonian toothfish caught by Australian fishers has been labeled ‘best choice’ by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.

  • A colourful sunrise over sea ice in Antarctica.

    Directing Australia's Antarctic Science

    10 April 2013

    Antarctic science program leaders Dr Tas van Ommen and Dr Martin Riddle talk about their involvement in Australia's Antarctic science program and where the programs they lead are headed.

  • Dr Helena Baird in a boat with Antarctic icebergs behind.

    Antarctic scientist to share research, culture and art with Nobel laureates in Japan

    18 December 2012

    A young Antarctic scientist will share her research on ‘giant’ crustaceans and other Antarctic sea floor creatures with Nobel laureates in Japan.

  • An iceberg in Antarctica.

    New PhD program gains momentum

    21 November 2012

    A new PhD program in Quantitative Antarctic Science has begun.

  • An Antarctic krill adult

    Rhythm of Antarctic Life

    10 July 2012

    Clock genes’ that regulate the daily and seasonal internal rhythms of krill are the target of new research by Antarctic scientists seeking a better understanding of what makes these important crustaceans tick.

  • The Southern Ocean

    World Oceans' Day

    8 June 2012

    Research in the Southern Ocean aims to answer the many questions arising in this rapidly changing environment.

  • A Patagonian toothfish being measured on an electronic measuring board.

    Sub-Antarctic toothfish fishery certified sustainable

    5 June 2012

    Australia’s Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) toothfish fishery is contributing to the ‘green economy’ on World Environment Day, after its independent certification as a sustainable and well managed fishery.

  • A giant sea spider, 25 cm in size.

    Boosting biodiversity conservation in the Southern Ocean

    22 May 2012

    The Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) Marine Reserve is set to expand, after the discovery of some of the most biodiverse examples of marine communities in the Southern Ocean.

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