Cool science

  • Several scientists working on sea ice in front of the ice breaker, Aurora Australis.

    Finding the key

    10 August 2007

    A treasure chest of 30 years of sea ice data has been unlocked after a hands on approach to a hands off method of data collection was validated.

  • A sonobuoy being released from the Aurora Australis

    Songs in the Southern Ocean

    20 July 2007

    The enchanting songs of whales will help us learn more about their relative abundance and distribution in the vast Southern Ocean.

  • Lidar image of polar stratospheric clouds.

    First harbingers of ozone depletion detected

    5 June 2007

    The first Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC) for the year have been detected over Davis.

  • Scientist with ice core

    Estimating sea ice extent from continental ice cores

    24 May 2007

    Changing climate - a story told by sea ice

  • Deploying a net from the trawl deck of the Aurora Australis

    Tracking marine animals

    30 April 2007

    Precision sampling of the feeding behaviour of predators is made possible by software developed to show their location in near real time. This information helps build dynamic food web models.

  • An inflatable water craft brings more tourists on to a rocky isolated beach.  Ice cliffs form the back ground with a few penguins in the foreground.

    The Antarctic: Local signs, global message

    19 March 2007

    Warmer temperatures increase the threat of alien species, carried by humans, colonising ice-free areas of Antarctica.

  • Russ Hopcroft at the microscope

    Aliens of the ocean - bizarre and beautiful

    7 February 2007

    They look more like aliens than earth-forms, but according to Associate Professor Russ Hopcroft, the thousands of microscopic marine animals that make up the 'zooplankton' in our oceans, are a critical part of the marine ecosystem...

  • The small white building of the Medium Frequency radar

    Tides in the atmosphere

    2 February 2007

    To understand our atmosphere and predict its response to change, we need an understanding of all the processes going on within it, throughout its depth, and from pole to pole.

  • ANARE Station on a fine day in winter 1953, with Baudissin Glacier and Big Ben beyond.

    Exploration of Heard Island between 1947 and 1971

    14 December 2006

    Heard Island served as a testing ground for men, equipment, scientific programs, general administration, and logistics. Experience gained there was crucial to the successful establishment of Mawson in 1954.

  • Cleaning marine debris from the barge

    Temperate communities could adapt to cold

    20 November 2006

    A major threat to native communities in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands is the establishment of invasive organisms.