AAD program leader to co-chair International Polar Year Joint Committee

Ian Allison
Ian Allison will co-chair the International Polar Year Joint Committee

The International Polar Year (IPY) 2007–2008, which will occur at the 50th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year, will be an intensive burst of internationally coordinated, interdisciplinary, scientific research and observations focused on the Earth’s polar regions and aiming to exploit the intellectual resources and science assets of nations worldwide.

IPY 2007–2008 will include research in both polar regions and involve strong links to the rest of the globe. It will be truly international in participation and multi- and interdisciplinary in scope, including social as well as natural science research. IPY 2007–2008 is co-sponsored by the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

An ICSU-WMO International Polar Year Joint Committee (IPY JC) has been established to undertake the scientific planning, coordination, guidance and oversight of the IPY. The JC, Co-Chaired by Ian Allison (Australia) and Michel Béland (Canada), has 14 members and five ex-officio members. Specific tasks of the IPY JC include defining core IPY projects based on submissions received and the published IPY Framework (www.ipy.org); developing a resource-efficient implementation plan for the IPY in close consultation with National Polar Programmes; establishing a mechanism for the design, guidance, development and oversight of the IPY projects; providing leadership in developing IPY data policy and data management protocols; and promoting the IPY goal and objectives through development of education and outreach programmes.

The JC is supported by a central IPY International Programme Office, which is located at the British Antarctic Survey. In addition to the International Programme Office it is expected that International Project offices will also be established. For coordination of WMO activities on IPY a WMO IPY office was established in Geneva.

An expression of intent for potential IPY projects has been announced, and the deadline for submission is 14 January 2005. At the first meeting of the IPY JC (Paris, 7–9 March 2005, the JC will review and identify IPY projects, using criteria given in the IPY Framework document.

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