Olivia Maselli - core processor

Olivia Maselli
Olivia Maselli from the Desert Research Institute is involved in ice core processing. (Photo: Olivia Maselli)

Desert Research Institute, Department of Hydrologic Sciences, Reno, Nevada, USA

My main role at Aurora Basin is core processing. This involves measuring and cutting the cores into the dimensions needed for continuous flow analysis. I measure the lengths of each core and the positions of breaks, then bag and pack each core ready for shipment.

Career highlights

My PhD focused on molecular dynamics and laser spectroscopy, but in my postdoc position at the Desert Research Institute (DRI), I am focusing on the chemical analysis of ice cores and the relevance of the records to paleoclimatology. In our laboratory we use a continuous flow analysis system which allows us to obtain very high resolution chemical records of things like dust, sea salts, black carbon, major soluble ions, and heavy metal pollutants. I was part of the team that analysed the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide ice core and North Greenland Eemian (NEEM) ice core as well as a large array of other polar ice cores. In May 2013 I was part of a 5 person team that collected a 200 m long ice core from remote north-east Greenland. My personal research focuses primarily on the historical records of halogens at the poles and their link to sea ice and temperature.