Noel Paten - AGSO and mechanic

Noel Paten in Antarctica.
Noel Paten has a long history of supporting air operations in Antarctica. (Photo: AAD)

Australian Antarctic Division

I am the Air Ground Support Officer (AGSO) for the Aurora Basin project. This role involves constructing and setting up a ski landing area, maintaining and grooming the ski landing area, loading and unloading aircraft, refuelling aircraft and ensuring safe operation around aircraft. I am also servicing and maintaining all the mechanical plant.

Career highlights

I have been working for the Australian Antarctic Division on and off since 1995. I have spent three winters in the Antarctic, two at Casey and one at Mawson. For the last five years I have spent the summer working as Senior AGSO at the Casey ski landing area. I have supported numerous science projects at Casey and Mawson over the last 17 years and greeted the CASA aircraft on their first flight from Hobart to Antarctica in December 2004.