Nerilie Abram - driller and ice core chemist

Nerilie Abram
Nerilie Abram, from the Australian National University, is assisting with the drilling, preparation and in-field analysis of ice cores. (Photo: Paul Rogers)

Australian National University, ARC QEII research fellow

I am assisting with the ice core drilling at Aurora Basin. This includes work with the French drill, which I have some experience in using from the James Ross Island project. I am also helping with the preparation and in-field analysis of the ice core samples.

Career highlights

After completing my PhD, I worked as an ice core scientist with the British Antarctic Survey for a number of years before returning to Australia. I was part of the team that drilled the James Ross Island ice core in 2008. A number of exciting research findings have come from this ice core, including showing that the recent warming of the Antarctic Peninsula is unusually fast and has led to a rapid increase in the amount of summer ice melt in this part of Antarctica. I was also involved in the NEEM ice core project in northern Greenland in 2010, where I was part of the in-field chemical analysis team. As well as my ice core research, I’m involved in reconstructing tropical climate records from corals and cave samples, with the goal of better understanding how tropical and polar climate processes influence Australian rainfall patterns.