Jenny Carlisle chef

Jenny Carlisle
Jenny Carlisle is a qualified chef and Police Officer, and has experience as a chef and truck driver in the Army Reserve. (Photo: Jo Carlisle)

Tasmania Police Service

I am the Camp Support Officer (Chef) for the project. My role is to assist in maintaining morale and providing a variety of quality meals and snacks for all members of the project team. I will also have some additional general duties assisting in maintaining the camp.

Career highlights

I don’t have a scientific background, although some would laugh and say occasionally my cooking resembles a scientific experiment! I’m a Police Officer in the Tasmania Police Service. I joined in 2002 and have worked in a variety of roles and locations around Tasmania. I am currently working in an investigative role in Hobart. I have had a lot of fun during my 11 years as a Police Officer and continue to enjoy the challenge of the job.

I am also a qualified chef and have worked in this role in the Army Reserve since 2009. I've cooked in the backs of trucks, on beaches, and many other ‘exotic’ locations. At the Rockhampton Army Base in Queensland I’ve had to cook for 800 to 1000 people a day, three times a day; so cooking for 16 people at Aurora Basin shouldn’t be too difficult. In the Army Reserve I also learnt to drive and maintain a range of heavy vehicles, so I will be able to assist with the heavy vehicles and equipment used at Aurora Basin.

My other skill is telling stories; and I have plenty to tell.