Theme 2: Terrestrial and Nearshore Ecosystems: Environmental Change and Conservation

Theme goal: To investigate the effects of environmental change, caused by local and global processes, on key Antarctic and subantarctic terrestrial and coastal1 ecosystems and provide the scientific basis to guide enhanced environmental protection for these ecosystems.

The research will be divided into three streams:

  • 2.1 Trends and sensitivity to change
  • 2.2 Vulnerability and spatial protection
  • 2.3 Human impacts: prevention, mitigation and remediation.

Key expected outcomes for this theme are:

  • identification of key ecosystem sensitivities and vulnerabilities to environmental stressors
  • identification of signals of ecosystem change caused by human pressures, both from local activities and from global processes
  • scientific foundation for a system of spatial management and area protection that takes into account the particular characteristics of Antarctica
  • scientific and technical foundation for practical measures to prevent, mitigate or remediate detrimental change caused by human activity.

1. Coastal in the context of this plan is the marine area extending from the coast to a depth of 200 metres.