Stream implementation plans

A key initiative of the Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan 2011-12 to 2020-21 was to develop and regularly review stream implementation plans. These plans have been reviewed for the Australian Antarctic Science Program (including Grant Program) 2018-19 round and links to the final versions are below.

Research priorities for new proposals are identified and have been applied on the basis of urgency, impact or sequencing needs.

There is no implementation plan for the Frontier Science theme. Frontier Science is open to excellent projects in any field of research that is not covered within Themes 1–3.

Theme 1: Climate Processes and Change

Stream 1.1 The Antarctic ice sheet

Stream 1.2 Oceans and marine ice in the Southern Hemisphere

Stream 1.3 Atmospheric processes and change

Stream 1.4 Antarctic palaeoclimate

Theme 2: Terrestrial and Nearshore Ecosystems: Environmental Change and Conservation

Stream 2.1 Trends and sensitivity to change

Stream 2.2 Vulnerability and spatial protection

Stream 2.3 Human impacts: prevention, mitigation and remediation

Theme 3: Southern Ocean Ecosystems: Environmental Change and Conservation

Stream 3.1 Marine ecosystem change

Stream 3.2 Wildlife conservation

Stream 3.3 Southern Ocean fisheries

Stream 3.4 Protecting marine biodiversity