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  • Seabird ecologist Dr Louise Emmerson

    Women in science down south

    Imagine if your office was 10,000 squawking penguins and their fluffy chicks?

  • Man standing on a boat

    Diving into the Antarctic toothfish gene pool

    Scientists from around the world are heading to sea to investigate the gene pool of Antarctic toothfish in an effort to better conserve the species.

  • Man holding a certificate with two black and white penguins.

    Unique Antarctic backdrop for Australian citizenship ceremony

    What’s the coolest way to become a citizen of the country you love? Do it in Antarctica of course!

  • Two scientists, Tokyo University's Dr Masato Moteki and Australian Antarctic Division's Dr So Kawaguchi, on the dock next to the Japanese ship the Umitaka Maru

    Antarctic voyage studies smallest Southern Ocean animals

    Japanese scientists working in collaboration with the Australian Antarctic Program have arrived in Hobart after completing a research voyage in the Southern Ocean.

  • Photo of red ship

    Aurora Australis to top up water supply at Davis

    Australia’s icebreaker Aurora Australis has been diverted to Davis research station to top up water supplies following a temporary problem with the station’s water making plant.

  • Adelie penguin on a small boat

    Penguin pops in

    Australian Antarctic Program expeditioners at Casey research station had an unexpected visitor pop into their boat recently - an Adelie penguin!

  • White sea ice

    Hot meets cold on sea ice research and energy efficiency

    A new collaboration will bring expertise and technology from the hot deserts of the United Arab Emirates to the cold deserts of Antarctica.

  • Close up of Antarctic krill swimming in a laboratory tank

    The sound of krill

    Antarctic scientists hope an experiment to capture the ‘sound’ of a single krill will help determine how many of the Antarctic keystone species are swimming around in the Southern Ocean.

  • Photo of a plane about to land on an ice runway with a pink sky in the background.

    A milestone in Australian Antarctic flights

    The Australian Antarctic Program is celebrating a decade of flights to the frozen continent’s blue ice runway, improving access for hundreds of scientists and expeditioners.

  • Group photo

    Santa’s sleigh dashes to the South Pole

    A truly white Christmas is being enjoyed by some lucky Australians who are celebrating the festive season on the icy continent of Antarctica.

  • Crepuscular rays of late afternoon sun shining through a cloud layer over grounded icebergs

    Midsummer in Antarctica

    The fight is on for a room without a view at Australia’s Antarctic stations as the midsummer sun bathes most of the continent in 24 hour sunlight.

  • Colourful image taken on the sea floor

    Following the flow of food to the ocean’s floor

    Scientists can now track trails of algae as they sink through the ocean, making it possible to find biological hotspots where the nourishing particles are in abundance near the seafloor.

  • Australian Antarctic expeditioners on the ice

    Experience the end of the Earth

    Now is your chance to live and work at the end of the Earth – apply for a job in Antarctica!

  • A flat, rocky snow-covered valley.

    Antarctic microbes living on air

    Microorganisms survive in frozen, nutrient-poor Antarctic soils by scavenging trace gases in the air, according to new research published today.

  • A plane on the ice with a blue sky, people loading things into it.

    Ice core may unlock secrets of Australia’s wild weather

    Scientists hope a deep field mission to recover an ice core up to 2000 years old in Antarctica will shed further light on the long-term influences that impact Australian weather and climate.

  • Expeditioner walking along a snow line with a mountain behind.

    Happy Antarctica Day!

    The icy continent and its unique governance system is being celebrated around the world today, as the international community recognises ‘Antarctica Day’. 

  • Black and white photo of a ship on a beach with a front door down.

    70 years of Australia’s Antarctic Program

    Seventy years ago today the maiden expedition of Australia’s Antarctic Program set sail from Western Australia, establishing the first of the nation’s research stations in the polar region.

  • Mawson station from the air.

    Nominations open for Australian Antarctic Medal

    Nominations are invited for people who have made an outstanding contribution to Australia’s Antarctic Program.

  • Children in front of a building in Antarctica.

    Australian school children take their place in Antarctic history

    A group of Australian school students have made history becoming the first children to fly to and set foot on Antarctica as part of the Australian Antarctic Program.

  • Grey cargo plane with a red bus coming out the back

    'Terra' on the icy highway

    Antarctica’s newest arrival has touched down on the icy continent in style, with a brand new 'Terra Bus' flying in to Wilkins Aerodrome in the back of a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17A.

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