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  • Colourful image taken on the sea floor

    Following the flow of food to the ocean’s floor

    12 December 2017

    Scientists can now track trails of algae as they sink through the ocean, making it possible to find biological hotspots where the nourishing particles are in abundance near the seafloor.

  • Australian Antarctic expeditioners on the ice

    Experience the end of the Earth

    10 December 2017

    Now is your chance to live and work at the end of the Earth – apply for a job in Antarctica!

  • A flat, rocky snow-covered valley.

    Antarctic microbes living on air

    7 December 2017

    Microorganisms survive in frozen, nutrient-poor Antarctic soils by scavenging trace gases in the air, according to new research published today.

  • A plane on the ice with a blue sky, people loading things into it.

    Ice core may unlock secrets of Australia’s wild weather

    4 December 2017

    Scientists hope a deep field mission to recover an ice core up to 2000 years old in Antarctica will shed further light on the long-term influences that impact Australian weather and climate.

  • Expeditioner walking along a snow line with a mountain behind.

    Happy Antarctica Day!

    1 December 2017

    The icy continent and its unique governance system is being celebrated around the world today, as the international community recognises ‘Antarctica Day’. 

  • Black and white photo of a ship on a beach with a front door down.

    70 years of Australia’s Antarctic Program

    28 November 2017

    Seventy years ago today the maiden expedition of Australia’s Antarctic Program set sail from Western Australia, establishing the first of the nation’s research stations in the polar region.

  • Mawson station from the air.

    Nominations open for Australian Antarctic Medal

    27 November 2017

    Nominations are invited for people who have made an outstanding contribution to Australia’s Antarctic Program.

  • Children in front of a building in Antarctica.

    Australian school children take their place in Antarctic history

    23 November 2017

    A group of Australian school students have made history becoming the first children to fly to and set foot on Antarctica as part of the Australian Antarctic Program.

  • Grey cargo plane with a red bus coming out the back

    'Terra' on the icy highway

    17 November 2017

    Antarctica’s newest arrival has touched down on the icy continent in style, with a brand new 'Terra Bus' flying in to Wilkins Aerodrome in the back of a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17A.

  • A single Antarctic krill.

    Krill drift with sea ice shelter

    13 November 2017

    Sea ice protects larval krill from predators and carries them to food-rich areas, according to new international research.

  • Volcano on sub-Antarctic island

    Hobart hosts sub-Antarctic symposium

    13 November 2017

    Scientists from around the globe will gather in Hobart this week for a symposium on the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen sector of the Southern Ocean.

  • An aerial view of buildings on Macquarie Island.

    Managing Contractor sought for new Macquarie Island research station

    10 November 2017

    Construction of a new research station on Macquarie Island is a step closer today, with a Managing Contractor being sought for the $50 million dollar project.

  • Wind turbine broken

    Antarctic research station wind turbine collapse

    8 November 2017

    Part of a wind turbine at Australia’s Mawson research station in Antarctica has collapsed overnight, no one was injured in the incident.

  • A graphic representation of the RSV Nuyina with the two barges.

    Icebreaker construction barges ahead

    3 November 2017

    Construction of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina reached a numerical milestone this week with 5000 tonnes of steel cut at Damen Shipyards in Romania.

  • Choppy seas in the Southern Ocean.

    Wind accelerates glacial melt in East Antarctica

    2 November 2017

    Strengthening winds over the Southern Ocean could cause the largest glacier in East Antarctica to melt faster, according to an international team of Australian Antarctic Program scientists.

  • Hägglunds at Mt Hordern

    Antarctic road trip

    31 October 2017

    A team from Mawson research station headed out on an Antarctic road trip to Mount Hordern recently.

  • A Gulfstream V aircraft flying over mountains.

    Searching for super-cooled Southern Ocean clouds

    29 October 2017

    Atmospheric scientists will use ships, aircraft and satellites to study super-cooled Southern Ocean clouds this summer.

  • Iceberg near Australia's Mawson research station

    Antarctic ecosystems the focus of international meeting in Hobart

    28 October 2017

    Australia’s delegation to the 36th meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) says headway was made on a number of important Antarctic research and science priorities.

  • The Airbus A319 in mid air with a sunrise behind.

    Antarctic summer season takes flight

    26 October 2017

    The first flight south for the Australian Antarctic summer season took off from Hobart this morning, bound for Wilkins Aerodrome.

  • Close up of Antarctic krill

    Getting the measure of krill

    23 October 2017

    Researchers from the Australian Antarctic Division have used field and aquarium studies to develop an improved model to better estimate krill productivity in the Southern Ocean.

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