Icebreaker's internal fit-out shapes up

The Nuyina docked by a wharf in Romania.
The Nuyina is looking more like a home away from home as the internal fit-out takes shape. (Photo: Damen)
View of the ship's commercial kitchen.Tables and chairs in the dining area of the Nuyina.The gym with exercise bikes and other equipment on the Nuyina.A two bed cabin on the Nuyina.A cabin ensuite showing toilet, shower and basin.A laundry with washing machines, driers and ironing board.The library on the ship with empty bookshelves and seating.A lounge area on the ship with leather seats and small tables.The conference room that doubles as a movie theatre.The science office with a timber-style vinyl finish.Table and chairs in the science meeting room.

Australia’s new icebreaker RSV Nuyina is looking more like a home away from home for scientists, expeditioners and crew, as the internal fit-out takes shape.

The mess and galley (dining/kitchen), cabins, gym, conference room/movie theatre, lounge, library and laundries are almost complete, as are the science facilities, including a science office, adjoining meeting rooms and a science operations room.

The interior design was undertaken by Damen in conjunction with its specialist sub-contractor, Maritime Interiors, and reflects contemporary builds by Damen.

Some interesting selections include the petrol (green) and mustard leather seats and sofas in the primary lounge space. Flooring selections include a grey patterned carpet throughout the recreational spaces, timber-look vinyl flooring in the mess, and studded rubber flooring in heavy traffic and working spaces.

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