Delivering the goods

Delivering the goods

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Flt Lt Lucas Webb (Globemaster Captain): Today, we are taking our C-17 Globemaster and the Australian Antarctic Division cargo down to Wilkins Runway, which is just nearby Casey Station, for the first resupply mission of the summer season.

The flight time from Hobart to Wilkins Runway is about four and a half hours, and then once we get there, it's actually quite different, to see the white continent, and then the runway is the same colour as the surrounding terrain.

We've got an instrument approach procedure that gets us down quite close to the ground, and then we can sort of pick it out. The guys do a very good job of marking it out for us, and making it that bit easier for us to see. The Globemaster lands on various surfaces, including ice, and so from a touchdown and control perspective, after landing, it's actually fairly similar. But once we slow down, the taxi speed does start to feel a little more slippery than we're used to.

What we're carrying down to Wilkins Runway today is a lot of general cargo, but there are parts for machinery that they have been waiting for, over the winter period.

So the guys are really, you know, hanging out for that stuff.

There's six missions the C-17 does throughout the summer season. They are highly sought after. Obviously, because of the remote nature, and the highlight it brings to your career. So, it's definitely something that a lot of people are really keen to get on board.

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C-17A on the ground at Wilkins Aerodrome
C-17A on the ground at Wilkins Aerodrome

Fresh food, science equipment, medical supplies and machinery are winging their way to Antarctica today on the first cargo flight of the summer season.

The Royal Australian Air Force’s C-17A Globemaster III took off from Hobart airport this morning, carrying almost 18000 kilograms of cargo destined for Australia’s Casey research station.

The plane will fly 3500 kilometre south to land on a 3.5 kilometre long glacial runway at Wilkins Aerodrome and deliver goods to Australia’s expeditioners.

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