Aurora legacy

Aurora Legacy

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GERRY O'DOHERTY - RSV AURORA AUSTRALIS MASTER: We're very fond of the old girl. It will be sad to see it go but it's the end of an era and this is the last season of this contract for the ship. Look, it may come back to Antarctica in a different role, who knows. But certainly the role that this ship performs now will be superseded by thethe new ship Nuyina.

PAUL CLARKE - RSV NUYINA CAPTAIN: At this time next year it would be pretty amazing to be doing this same interview but standing somewhere on the Nuyina of course. It's very exciting for the expeditioners and for everybody involved in the program because it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a huge change.

DONNA WIGHTMAN - DAVIS STATION CHEF: One of the main reasons I signed up for the Davis station voyage in the winter was the new vessel coming along. Coming down on the AA [Aurora Australis] and then going back on the Nuyina is amazing. It definitely was a big decision maker for me and yeah hopefully it still happens!

GERRY O'DOHERTY - RSV AURORA AUSTRALIS MASTER: Oh absolutely, yes of course it would be great to see both ships operating side-by-side in whatever function the Aurora be useful for. It's still a highly seaworthy and viable ship.

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Icebreakers hold a special place in the hearts of our expeditioners and crew.

It's an exciting time as we celebrate 30 years of our current icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis and the impending arrival of new ship RSV Nuyina.