What's happening at SCAR/COMNAP

The SCAR Open Science Conference was held in Hobart from 12-14 July 2006.

Hydrogen to power Australia's Antarctic field camps
The Australian government's hydrogen demonstration project will operate out of Mawson and a nearby field camp at Bechervaise Island this summer.

Antarctic microbes clean up petroleum pollutants
Research shows microorganisms in Antarctic soils and marine sediments could help clean up spills of oil or diesel.

Atmospheric scientists look to ice layers for climate secrets
Two atmospheric phenomena thought to foretell the progression of climate change, have been detected simultaneously by sensitive scientific instruments probing the night sky above Antarctica.

Getting to the core of climate
Antarctic ice cores provide important information on climate. However, there are a number of challenges involved in interpreting this information. A range of ice coring initiatives planned for the coming decade will help address some of these challenges.

Fishing for food web clues
The Heard Island Predator-Prey Investigation and Ecosystem Study aims to understand the dietary habits of large marine predators living around Heard Island, to enable sustainable management of the Patagonian toothfish and mackerel icefish fisheries.

Aliens in Antarctica
A new Alien Invertebrate Kit will aid the collection of non-native insects, slugs, spiders and other invertebrate species found in Antarctica.

Krill School takes shape
The shape of Antarctic krill may affect where they swim in a school and could have implications for the estimation of krill biomass in the Southern Ocean.

Mawson wind turbines a success
After three years of successful operation Antarctica's first windfarm at Mawson station has achieved annual fuel savings of 29%.

Building Australia's Airlink connections
Australia's Antarctic air link is a collaborative venture.

Building Australia's Antarctic runway
The AAD has completed construction of a trial snow-capped, blue ice runway in Antarctica, prior to trial flights of a jet aircraft between Hobart and Antarctica this coming summer.

Cleaning up fuel spills in Antarctica
A permeable reactive barrier is being tested at Casey to help clean up a fuel spill.