New Kingston facilities to enhance Antarctic research capability

17 January 2002

An enhanced research capability for the Australian Antarctic Division will be the outcome of construction and refurbishment work to begin at the AAD's Kingston headquarters on Monday.

The $6.2 million project, to involve construction of a new building by the site's owners and refurbishment of existing laboratory facilities, is scheduled to be completed in October.

The new facilities will include:

  • upgraded laboratories to bring biological, ecological and atmospheric science research facilities up to world standard
  • a dedicated krill aquarium to enable long-term studies of this central component of the Antarctic food chain
  • a new building linking existing structures, to house office, planning and other research facilities.

The new work follows agreement on the sale of the AAD complex to a private consortium, financed and sponsored by ABN AMRO, which is leasing the facilities back to the AAD.

The building contractors are the Hobart-based company, Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd.