News archive: 2002

  • Several quads outside Red Shed with expeditioners

    Humanities in Antarctica

    17 December 2002

    Artist Jenni Mitchell and writer and historian Tom Griffiths depart today for Australia's Casey station in Antarctica. They are participants in the Federal Government's Antarctic Humanities Program.

  • CASA in the clouds

    Antarctic runway work to begin

    17 December 2002

    Trial construction of a snow and ice runway inland of Australia's Casey station in Antarctica will begin soon.

  • Casey station expeditioners working on remediation of the old Thala Valley tip site

    Australia's clean up of its Antarctic Territory about to take a major step forward

    17 December 2002

    Special equipment to tackle the clean up of the old Thala Valley waste site near Casey station in Antarctica will be transported aboard the Polar Bird when it sails today.

  • The iced-up bunk of Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis in Mawson's main hut, when uncovered in 2002

    Ninnis' bunk uncovered on anniversary of his death in Antarctica

    13 December 2002

    On the eve of the 90th anniversary of the death of Lieutenant Ninnis, Sir Douglas Mawson's sledging companion, an Australian Antarctic Division expedition to Mawson's Huts at Cape Denison has uncovered Ninnis' bunk under ice inside the main hut.

  • Mawson's main hut at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay

    Home of the Blizzard lives up to its reputation

    6 December 2002

    Gale force winds and heavy seas have prevented the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov ferrying ashore a surprise Christmas hamper and the ninth member of a team working to conserve Mawson's Huts at Cape Denison in Antarctica.

  • One side of the stove in Mawson's main hut is visible through ice and other detritus, when uncovered in 2002

    Antarctic historic treasures revealed

    29 November 2002

    The stove used by Australian Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson and his companions during their 1911-1914 expedition to the frozen continent has been freed from its icy cocoon.

  • Major German-Australian science project in Antarctica

    22 November 2002

    A major Australian Antarctic Division collaborative science program will take a significant step forward today with the departure of German and Australian scientists aboard the Antarctic icebreaker, Aurora Australis.

  • Iceberg in shining sunlight that looks like the spine of a dragon

    Australia's Antarctic practices get environmental gold star

    14 November 2002

    Australia maintains its position as a role model for environmentally sound operations in the Antarctic with the Australian Antarctic Division's (AAD) environmental management system (EMS) being certified to the international standard.

  • Mawson's main hut at Cape Denison, East Antarctica (Photo: Tony Fleming)

    Mawson's Antarctic living quarters revealed

    11 November 2002

    Sir Douglas Mawson's living quarters at his Cape Denison Antarctic base have revealed some historically significant artefacts.

  • World leading system wins award nomination

    1 November 2002

    A world leading computer system developed at the Australian Antarctic Division in Tasmania that automates the reporting of environmental data has been nominated as a finalist for a prestigious international award.

  • The sky is pink behind the white icebergs in this photo>

    Combating illegal fishing on agenda for international Antarctic meeting

    18 October 2002

    Moves to crack down on illegal fishing in Antarctic waters will be on the agenda when representatives of more than 20 nations meet in Hobart next week.

  •  Mawson's Huts, Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay

    Heritage expedition announced for Mawson's Huts

    14 October 2002

    An Australian expedition will set sail for Antarctica tomorrow on the French Antarctic vessel L'Astrolabe to complete vital conservation and restoration work on Mawson's Huts.

  • Southern Ocean iceberg (Photo: Kerry Steinberner)

    Australian Antarctic chief wins international role

    27 September 2002

    The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division has been appointed chairman of the Antarctic Treaty's Committee for Environment Protection, the body entrusted with developing measures to protect Antarctica's unique environment.

  • Expeditioner on Mt Kirkby, Prince Charles Mountain

    Expeditioners prepare for first Antarctic voyage of season

    20 September 2002

    A range of scientific programs to examine global climate change and a research expedition to uncover secrets about the continental split of Australia from Antarctica will be a focus of a busy summer season of scientific research on the icy continent.

  • Casa 212-400 in flight

    World expert assists on Antarctic airlink project

    12 September 2002

    The next stage in the development of Australia's proposed air transport link with Antarctica is underway with a workshop at the Australian Antarctic Division at Kingston, near Hobart.

  • Close up of ice core inside drill

    Ancient Antarctic ice gives up climate change secrets

    12 September 2002

    Prevailing theories about climate change have been challenged by new analysis from Australian and French scientists, in research to be published in the international journal Science this week.

  • Mawson's Huts buried in hard snow

    Mawson's Antarctic huts to get some TLC

    9 August 2002

    The process of conserving the Antarctic site of the first expedition led by Australian Antarctic pioneer Sir Douglas Mawson will take a big step forward later this year when an expedition lands in Antarctica to conserve the historic remains.

  • This bronze medal shows a map of Antarctica and the words 'For outstanding service in the Antarctic'

    Antarctic Medal award acknowledges quiet achiever

    21 June 2002

    The 2002 award of the Antarctic Medal to a Hobart man was a public acknowledgment of his outstanding commitment and service to Australia's Antarctic work over many years, Dr Sharman Stone, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the Antarctic said today.

  • A large iceberg in background with water in foreground which shows grease ice forming

    Antarctic storms likely cause of penguin deaths

    3 June 2002

    The deaths of more than 120 penguins near Australia's Mawson station late last year appear to have been caused by natural events, probably severe spring storms, scientists have determined.

  • Sun halo over an iceberg near Colbeck field hut

    Antarctic beauty on show at Parliament House

    16 May 2002

    Antarctica valued, protected and understood was opened by Dr Stone this morning on the first floor of the Presiding Officers' Exhibition Area.

  • An inflatable rubber boat approaches an iceberg

    $102M to Protect Australian Antarctic Territory

    14 May 2002

    The Commonwealth Government will spend $102.3 million in 2002-03 to deepen understanding of Australia's Antarctic Territory and to protect Southern Ocean fisheries, among other activities.

  • Members of the remediation team take samples from contaminated soil contained withing a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) at Casey station.

    10-year cleanup plan recognises unique value of Antarctic environment

    18 April 2002

    Australia will give its environmental credentials a further boost by committing to a 10-year plan to clean up old Australian Antarctic waste sites, Dr Sharman Stone announced tonight.

  • Three emperors walk in a row with their bold, white, feathered chests shining in the sun.

    $670,000 in Antarctic science grants awarded

    17 April 2002

    Global and regional climate change, the health and well being of the wildlife and managing the Southern Ocean ecosystem are the main study themes among the Antarctic research projects granted Australian Government funding this year.

  • Fuel drums mostly covered with snow. People in the background.

    Conference shows Australia means business in protecting Antarctic environment

    14 April 2002

    Australia's leading role in studying how to reduce the impact of human activity in the Antarctic was an indication of how seriously it took its obligation to protect the polar environment, Dr Sharman Stone said today.

  • Ice calving from an ice cliff face in Antarctica.

    Big Antarctic ice break-out raises climate change concern

    21 March 2002

    The recent loss of an area of nearly 8800 square kilometres from the Antarctic ice sheet is a disturbing reminder of the fact of global warming as a reality.

  • Aerial view of the ship Aurora Australis surrounded by icy and water.

    Aurora Australis returns with promise of joint Australia-Indonesia Antarctic science cooperation

    7 March 2002

    Returning to Hobart on the Aurora Australis are two Indonesian scientists who visited Davis station, presenting a plaque with a message of friendship and cooperation between near neighbours.

  • Polar Bird in the sea ice

    Successful voyage sees start to Antarctic wind power project

    1 March 2002

    The return to Hobart of Australia's Antarctic supply ship, Polar Bird, tomorrow ends a successful month-long voyage which saw the off-loading of a 100-tonne crane at Mawson, to be used in the construction of the station's new wind turbine system.

  • Aurora beats ice conditions in hunt for science treasures

    27 February 2002

    Two weeks of hide-and-seek in polar pack ice by the Australian research ship Aurora Australis has ended in success with the retrieval of instruments moored deep in the seas off Antarctica's coast and the valuable scientific data they contained.

  • Casa 212-400 in flight

    Sydney company chosen to progress Antarctic air link

    21 February 2002

    Australian Antarctic scientists are now a step closer to having air access to the ice. Following assessment of several industry proposals, it was announced today that Sydney-based company SkyTraders had been selected as the preferred supplier.

  • Tangaroa alongside Aotea Wharf, Wellington

    Tangaroa sails for Antarctica to undertake marine research

    6 February 2002

    Japan's Antarctic Research Expeditions has chartered the New Zealand owned Tangaroa for their first dedicated marine science cruise.

  • Mawson's huts construction with workers on the roof and around the hut

    Mawson’s home in the blizzard secured

    1 February 2002

    An important piece of Australia’s heritage has a more secure future following the Federal Government’s decision to endorse a conservation management plan for Mawson’s huts at Cape Denison, Antarctica.

  • un shines on the left-hand side of these mountains as two quad bikes drive on the lake below them.

    Agreement to be signed on international Antarctic science venture

    21 January 2002

    An agreement to be signed today will formalise plans for an Australian-German team of scientists and support staff to undertake an intensive study next summer of the physical and climatic history of Antarctica's remote southern Prince Charles Mountains.

  • View of the front of the AAD head office

    New Kingston facilities to enhance Antarctic research capability

    17 January 2002

    An enhanced research capability for the Australian Antarctic Division will be the outcome of construction and refurbishment work to begin at the AAD's Kingston headquarters on Monday.

  • Map detailing the location of the freed Polar Bird

    Polar Bird free of Antarctic ice after mammoth effort

    14 January 2002

    A month trapped in Antarctic ice has ended for Australia's supply ship Polar Bird, freed from the close pack ice of Prydz Bay early today after a round-the-clock rescue operation by the icebreaker Aurora Australis.

  • Aerial view of the ship Aurora Australis surrounded by icy and water.

    Aurora Australis breaks through ice to reach Antarctic ship

    13 January 2002

    The Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis has broken through the final few kilometres of heavy pack ice to reach the supply ship Polar Bird.

  • Polar Bird in the sea ice

    Australia's Antarctic supply ship struggles to break free of icepack

    11 January 2002

    Polar Bird, Australia's polar supply ship, has been able to make its first tentative moves since becoming stuck in thick pack-ice in Prydz Bay on 16 December.

  • Helicopter approaching Aurora Australis

    Round-the-clock effort completes Polar Bird program

    10 January 2002

    The Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis has completed the remaining task on the schedule of the trapped Antarctic supply ship Polar Bird in a round-the-clock effort by expeditioners and crew at Mawson station.

  • Sea ice surrounds Aurora Australis off the coast of Antarctica

    Aurora Australis to move stranded expeditioners

    5 January 2002

    Australia's polar research ship Aurora Australis is to transport scientists and other expedition members from the icebound Polar Bird to Mawson station in an effort to get the summer Antarctic program back on schedule.

  • Whale fluke

    Japan criticised over Antarctic whaling activity

    2 January 2002

    Dr Sharman Stone, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the Australian Antarctic Program, today expressed real disappointment that Japan had been found with a factory and chaser ships continuing "scientific whaling" activity in the Antarctic.